Don’t compare yourself to white people (even if you’re white) [VIDEO]

This is the first video blog I’ve done, so please excuse the mumbly-ness and lack of clarity in spots! I tend to mutter under my breath, especially when I’m tired and slightly depressed and crampy. If I do this again, I’ll make more of an effort to ENUNCIATE better. I also want to apologize profusely to any readers who use assistive devices, because I don’t have a transcript of this yet. When I’m feeling better I’ll type one up for y’all & post it here. Oh, and the quality is shitty because I talked for like 30 minutes and I had to compress it a bunch to get it to fit on my free Vimeo account.

This isn’t super deep, just me wanting to express some stuff without having to organize it well. Enjoy.

UPDATE April 2018: it’s become clear that I’m never going to transcribe this video. Again, I apologize and I don’t plan on doing video again because I just do not have the spoons to do a transcript and it’s not fair to offer stratified content.

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