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Sex and the Fat Girl: She’s Got a Great Personality

In real life dating, as in pop culture, fatness is often treated as something a person has to overcome in order to be considered an acceptable romantic partner. The trope of the fat girl with the “great personality” (“great personality” being a common code phrase for “ugly” or “fat”) who triumphs over dating adversity and […]

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Sex and the Fat Girl: Unicorns, Better Head, and Other Myths

There’s a lot of misinformation around the web about sex and fat people. Particularly when it comes to the sexual skills fat people possess. I thought we’d have a little tongue-in-cheek fun by breaking down these myths and getting to the truth of the matter. Myth #1: Fat chicks give better head. Well, not only […]

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Sex and the Fat Girl: You’ve Got to Fight For Your Rights

Reproductive rights for all U.S. women came under attack this month with the introduction of the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” (H.R. 3) by Republican leaders in the House. Once again, a light is shone on the state of women’s health in our country today, and it illuminates the situation of women who are […]

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If You’ve Been Caught Slippin’…

Dating and relationships and all the messy emotions that come with it/them are a pain in the ass. Falling in love, while it feels good when it’s good, really ends up sucking when things don’t work out. Over and over again you open yourself up to be known by another person and over and over […]

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Sex and the Fat Girl: Fat Bottomed Girls

Outside the world of runway models, a degree of fatness is desirable–but only in certain places. We talked about desirable fat body configurations, but what about that gray area dividing thin women from fat known as “voluptuousness”? Society is willing to accept fat body parts, but distribute it throughout your entire body and watch folks […]

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Sex and the Fat Girl: If You Want My Body

Sometimes it seems like we’re bombarded by study after study telling us fat girls that unless we fit a certain body type, we’re doomed to be relegated to the “unattractive” bin. If your fat happens to settle into an “hourglass” or “pear” shape, your fat is more likely to be seen as “OK” by the […]

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Sex and the Fat Girl: Too Fat to Fuck?

A little over two years ago, “World’s Fattest Man” Manuel Uribe married his fiance Claudia Solis to the clucking dismay of fat haters everywhere. How could she be sexually attracted to someone so fat? How do they even have sex? When the answer to the latter question came in, you could almost see the horrified […]

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Sex and the Fat Girl: The Joys of Fat Porn

Many fat girls bristle at the mention of fat/BBW porn. Of course among some feminists, any porn can be a hot topic, but for some fat feminist girls there’s something in particular that’s troubling about the idea that someone gets off on a body simply because it’s fat. They may find it exploitative, or objectifying, […]

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When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong: Why Settle?

Being fat girls, we’re often told that we need to just “take what you can get” in the field of dating. We’re supposed to have low self-esteem and jump on anything that sniffs around us. You know the stereotype of the “easy”, low self-esteemy fat chick. Besides the fact that there’s really nothing wrong with […]

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