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Feminist Does Not Mean “Strong Woman”

Since Sarah Palin redefined the word “feminist” to include women who actively work against women’s rights, female Republican candidates in the upcoming primaries have been rallying behind the cause and riding the wave of faux-feminist populism to hopeful victories. In California in particular, two conservative women who have reached that apex of self-determination afforded by […]

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Feminism is For Everybody, Right?

In the article about Sarah Palin targeting female Democratic candidates for defeat in the November elections, Palin describes herself as a feminist. I have mixed feelings about this, of course. On the one hand, it’s great to see a woman comfortable with the word feminist. On the other, it’s Sarah fucking Palin and I’ve long […]

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Chipping Away at Choice

Anti-choice activists scored big on Tuesday when the Oklahoma Legislature voted to override the OK governor’s veto on two abortion bills. One of the bills is particularly blatant in its ploy to shame women into not choosing an abortion — it requires women to have an ultrasound, be shown the extremities, heart and organs of […]

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