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Winter Solstice Concert and Fundraiser @ Solidarity House of the South

Greetings folks, I’ll be performing some of my work at the Winter Solstice Concert and Fundraiser for the Solidarity House of the South on Saturday, December 23. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come on by from 6-10 pm and support this organization! For more information, check out their Facebook page and flyers below. […]

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Killing the Muse

My “day job”, as it were, is seriously stifling my creativity. I spend all day doing things that are antithetical to creative thought. Filing, answering phones, fetching coffee. Not exactly stimulating work. My writing has to take a back seat, because the only time I have to work on it during the day is at […]

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The Impermanence of Light

Tonight I did something I do less and less of these days — I came home and didn’t jump on the Internet. Didn’t rush through my meal to hurry up and check my e-mail only to be inundated with the day’s nauseating blog comments. Didn’t skip reading the book I’m almost finished with to see […]

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