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Teaching Palestinians a Lesson

Last Wednesday, Democratic Senator from New York Charles Schumer delivered a speech to the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. In it, he referenced the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Israel’s current blockade of the Gaza Strip. Now, remember how upset people were last Monday when Helen Thomas made allegedly anti-Semitic comments about European Jews living […]

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Tiptoeing Around Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas’ comments about European Jews in Israel/Palestine leaving and returning to Poland or Germany reflects an unfeasible view of the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It has also been argued that those comments are anti-Semitic, and I can see that. However, I think the general underlying point that she has continued to make over […]

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Zombie Blog Post #1

It’s kind of weird scheduling posts because I’m gone, but it keeps posting so I’m sure you all thought I was just ignoring your comments when actually, I’ve replied to e-mails only to approve comments going through and not actually reading comments. I’ll probably be able to respond to comments tomorrow. For a while I […]

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