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My Life as a Tragic Mulatto

There are a few things I find funny about the way people think about “mulattoes”, which for our purposes will be defined in the classical way: a person of white and black parentage. One is, to a lot of white people mulattoes are usually black until they do something important. Then they’re “biracial” — and […]

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Black Like Barack

More and more I’m hearing grumbling from the black community that Obama isn’t doing enough to help us out. From not appointing a black woman to the Supreme Court (and I do agree, it’s high time that bridge gets crossed), to taking too long to give black farmers their settlement money, Obama is looking like, […]

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Love and Nappiness

My hair is wild, furiously spiraled, gravity-defying, spring loaded hair. It’s big, confident, room-commanding specfuckingtacular hair. It’s difficult, contradictory, rebellious. Once I got to know my hair in its nappy state, I didn’t have any problems with it. It sits there and grows, and I try not to fuck it up. The one thing about […]

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