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Outlaw Clothing: Burqas, Islamophobia and Women’s Rights

The ongoing quest of the French government to preserve their country’s “secular traditions” came to the fore once again Tuesday when the lower house of France’s parliament voted to ban women from wearing any face-covering veil, such as the infamous burqa or the less “extreme” niqab — a move obviously targeting French Muslim women, of […]

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Teaching Palestinians a Lesson

Last Wednesday, Democratic Senator from New York Charles Schumer delivered a speech to the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. In it, he referenced the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Israel’s current blockade of the Gaza Strip. Now, remember how upset people were last Monday when Helen Thomas made allegedly anti-Semitic comments about European Jews living […]

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Tiptoeing Around Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas’ comments about European Jews in Israel/Palestine leaving and returning to Poland or Germany reflects an unfeasible view of the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It has also been argued that those comments are anti-Semitic, and I can see that. However, I think the general underlying point that she has continued to make over […]

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