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Feminist Does Not Mean “Strong Woman”

Since Sarah Palin redefined the word “feminist” to include women who actively work against women’s rights, female Republican candidates in the upcoming primaries have been rallying behind the cause and riding the wave of faux-feminist populism to hopeful victories. In California in particular, two conservative women who have reached that apex of self-determination afforded by […]

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We Got It From You, Dad

By now you’ve probably heard about the gay couple in Malawi getting sentenced to 14 years in jail for having a commitment ceremony. If not, there’s the link. Now what with this happening and that scare about the Ugandan anti-gay bill that would give gays the death penalty, and all the wars and starvation, I […]

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Black Like Barack

More and more I’m hearing grumbling from the black community that Obama isn’t doing enough to help us out. From not appointing a black woman to the Supreme Court (and I do agree, it’s high time that bridge gets crossed), to taking too long to give black farmers their settlement money, Obama is looking like, […]

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Flame On

I’d had “Born In Flames”, a Lizzie Borden film from 1983, in my Netflix Instant Queue for a while now and I just managed to watch it today. Set in the not-too-distant future, it takes place 10 years after the U.S. has gone through a second (bloodless) revolution and become the world’s first socialist democracy. […]

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Arizona and the Colonization of the Mind

Watching this video of an interview with Tom Horne, AZ’s public schools superintendent, and sociologist Michael Eric Dyson on AC 360 made me start yelling at my computer screen. It’s just unbelievable. I’ll wait here while you watch it. Back? Okay. This got me thinking about methods of colonization. One of the ways colonizers maintain […]

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Did You Know You Were Oppressed?

Arizona is apparently trying to break some record of number of racist laws passed in a one month period, because now the governor has signed a bill banning public school classes that “promote racial solidarity” or “racial resentment”. Oh, and classes that “promote the overthrow of the U.S. government”. Basically they’re targeting a Tuscon school […]

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